MSC ADAMS Multibody Software


MSC ADAMS is the world leading Multibody simulation Software. In the Benelux market, MSC Software products are represented by In Summa Innovation in cooperation with SayField International and D2S International, each of these companies is certified MSC Software Impact Reseller.

MSC ADAMS Multibody Core Simulation software

MSC ADAMS/Car vertical simulation platform

MSC ADAMS Add-ons developed by Sayfield


As MSC ADAMS is the leading MB software worldwide. A large variety of ADAMS add-on software programs exist. SayField International is the developer of TKC, an ADAMS/View based development for development of User Toolkits. This section contains the manuals of the TKC backbone functionality.

TKC User Project Files and Directories

Starting TKC Adams Session and Model File I/O

Loading TKC Assembly and Running Design Study

Debugging a TKC Assembly File

TKC Menus and Generic Dialogs

Finite Elements


MSC Software is one of the world leading Finite Elements software companies. For more information about the FEM products of MSC Software please contact our partners at In Summa Innovation