ADAMS Starters and andvanced User Courses


Sayfield coopearates closely with In Summa Innovation to provide ADAMS training courses. Starter courses can be provided both at the offices of Sayfield, In Summa Innovation or at customer premises. For course fees and course agendas, please contact us directly or contact Mr. Marcel Edelkamp at In Summa Innovation.

MSC Software is hosting a number of possibilities for new users to take courses on several topics considering its products.

We will try to keep this page up-to-date and bring you the best and most interesting links available on internet on ADAMS and ADAMS verticals teaching materials. Some interesting internet locations are listed below:

Adams courses at Technological Education Institutes

Sayfield is involved in providing Multibody Dynamics classes at Technical Universities in the Benelux area. Besides using the standard (commercial) ADAMS user course, Sayfield is also using its experience in defining new models and course materials to better and faster educate the usage of Multibody programs in general and MSC ADAMS especially. Video footage is included of a video course developed by Sayfield for Universities. This video illustrates the use of the TKC modeling environment (see Customization) to model complex full vehicle models.
Currently, MSC ADAMS is available and actively been used on several technical schools and Universities in the Benelux. Sayfield has provided MSC ADAMS classes to the following educational institutes: